How profitable is arbitrage? Why Interactive Brokers for forex trading?

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2015)

How profitable is arbitrage? Why Interactive Brokers for forex trading?

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how profitable is arbitrage?

–> This is can be vague but I have seen some highly profitable (i.e. up to 30% spread within a day) for some assets. You just need to be watching the markets closel for long/short trading pairs. . This is what my AK-47 research system is design for.

now i trade on Dukascopy platform (java based). but i have access to those venues under one roof with quite low fees per trade. that’s why came up this idea about arbitrage trading. however some people tell me it won’t work because of good IT infrastructure of these venues…

–> Interactive Brokers is designed for automation on all asset classes. It also makes no commissions on the spread within forex trading. They only care about the broker fees so they will route for best fill.


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