HFT tricks to your benefit?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2016)

HFT trick to your benefit?

I got this from one of my newsletter subscribers:


I was thinking  in one proposal or maybe one idea about  what you are offering,  you are the guy that have the knowledge of   HFT  (the skills of programming)  and  I see that your offering not  have much sense with guys like me ,  then the idea is the next:  Why not you offer a HFT platform, ready to be deploy it,  you will split the price of the development of the project between in say 20 people (maximum)  to could cover your expenses  and later from there we can see how to launch it in productive.

If there a company that is successful  in this bussines then we can too.

My new system will post analytics and trades in my Membership so this will sort of be covered. You get to reap the benefits if you are non technical as well so I am keeping those people in mind.

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