From a steady diet of cat food to Milk Bones, Matlab will always lead the way

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2015)

From a steady diet of cat food to Milk Bones, Matlab will always lead the way

only a short update 🙂 No question this time, no worry, hehe.
I worked hard on watching all relevant videos from your YTChannel, and some from Mathlabs tutorial section, that i know now, what you explain, and how it works all togehter with TWS and Mathlabs.

You are definitely a rare one to watch all my videos but thanks.

I saw a video on Mathlabs and others and i know now, i need Mathlabs, because you can trade with it with a special Addon (dont know which ones i will need, i hope you will tell it to me), and a API from a Broker.
In your case it was IB, i know now.

I would NOT recommend trading directly out of MATLAB (not Mathlabs or Methlabs). haha! As usual, I am such a comical genius!


What i want to say, it made click in my head and i have now the overview, and now i can follow all your stuff in your videos so, that i will have in futures an advantage of it 🙂 Thanks a lot! 🙂 Sure i know now that i still have to learn a lot, but i know in which direction it has to go, and WHY i have to learn this things and how they are connected to each other 🙂

Just keep following what I am up to showcase the power of Matlab with all the powerful projects out there. It will rapidly help set up your trading operation with further integration with the other components I am working on!

When i have the money, you definitly will have a new member 🙂 But atm its hard for me as i explained you. Because i know now, because Mathlab costs 105Euro instead of Ninjatrader 1200 Euro, and AgenaTrader 1400 Euro, or Wealthlab 800Euro plus yearly fees. That your solution is not only cheaper, no its also a lot faster, and a lot more flexible, IF you can code, and or you know someone for help with mathmatical know how, hehe 🙂

Don’t tell me! Tell the world! I need to upgrade my diet from cat food to the occasional Milk Bone would be nice. 

If i am wrong please correct me with Mathlabs and TWS. But it was right now such a good feeling, after 3 days fulltime learning of all your videos and articles (finger out of ass 🙂 )i found for free, that it made click and now makes sense to me, that i thought i have to write it to you 🙂

Thanks again Bryan!,

No sweat! Just remember to use a more production worthy language for your live trading. This includes C#, C++, or Java.

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