Meetup: Retail Forex traders meet the programming world April

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2017)

As I hinted a while ago, I am now managing 3 Meetup groups listed below.

This is an interesting combo where one group which has many retail Forex traders who might be looking

for new trading idea or how to use technology to help them. I have 2 other groups which are combined

for trading ideas with technologists using various techniques. Don’t you think it might be wise to bring

both worlds together?

As for me, I made this intro video on myself and what I do:

I am looking at doing a new early April social on the usual Monday. As there is now a new group, I have

no idea how responsive this group will be. We usually meet at JACK ASTORS (5051 Yonge St,

North York, ON) but may move it down the street to the Jack Astors. This just depends on the

numbers we get.

Here are all the Meetup groups I run:

Event link:

Here is my website for those interested:

This is my social media:

Quant HFT high frequency trading with Matlab C++ Java R Python C# Excel (approaching 10K people)

Meetup: Retail Forex traders meet the programming world April


Hey there

As with all the three groups (listed below), I have 28 people registered. Since this a larger group then normal, it might be best to change the venue for tomorrow nite’s event at Jack Astors down the road from Milestones. Here is the exact address:

Jack Astors

5051 Yonge St

Again, it will not be the usual Milestones at Empress Walk.

As for me, look for a dude with a ‘gold carpet’ shirt. It is ugly enough for me stick out like a sore thumb. I will also bring my little folded piece of paper that has a dollar sign on it ($). This will be purely for drinks if you want starting at 7pm on Monday April 3.

I should be one of the many floors in this place.

See you tomorrow


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Apr 03 2017


07:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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