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Trading patterns help needed to convert from MT4 to Python

Working on Trading Patterns

After accomplishing the latest set of charts to generate both a long and short term view on forex pairs, the next challenge is determine what is happening to them when they consolidate. It seem the financial pros use many type of trading patterns to determine potential pricing action. This enables traders to see if any currency pair will have a breakout moment to perfect time a market entry.

There are so many different patterns but I have identified the ones NicTrades uses most often. After reviewing the rationale behind them, it makes sense to test them out. As I am using JForex, it seems this pattern functionality is rather limiting in the platform. It is also not quite as advanced in other platforms including Metatrader 4. I even tried looking for coding samples in Python. Unless I use machine language for chart pattern recognition, the choices are somewhat limited. I am also finding to try machine learning at this point will only further delay the implementation of my automated trading. It will be a nice to do this project later in the near future but  I will not be able to do it right now.

Onto Metatrader 4 scripts  the forex trading platform

Being on Mac has its advantages but I will tell you it can limit youth certain software. Metatrader is one of them. You can attempt to run a ‘MacOS’ version through a Wine packaged version. The brokers out there do a poor job at this. I tried running the one from FXPro but it did not run. I did get a version running from XM but they seem to be an unreliable broker being based out of Cyprus. They also take European only customers as well. These were the only ones I tried so I will not further waste anymore time going down this path. Also, I still refuse to run anything on Windows as it is just seems to run like a dog. I even tried running Linux via a virtual machine but I still would rather put staples in my head.

Note that I did find 3 MQL4 scripts that prove to have all the trading patterns I would like to try.

This is where you could come in

Then I had this Eureka moment! Why not hire someone to translate these MQL4 scripts into Python 3?  It should be a problem to find people through this ;community’ since Metatrader/MT4 /MQL4 is super popular. It also involves simple math judging from the source code. There may be some wonky translation of charting code to something within a Python Matplotlib package. Up for a challenge? If so, get in touch with right away.


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Biggest ETF Hit by Biggest 4 Day Outflow on Record

World’s Biggest ETF Hit by Biggest 4 Day Outflow on Record

The biggest outflow on record from the largest ETF on the planet!

This is basically the entire gist of what was in this Bloomberg article:

Investors are catching their breath after the selloff, which followed the fastest-ever flow of money out of funds holding U.S. Treasuries and high-yield debt and into global stocks, in the week to Jan. 31. That spurred Bank of America’s equity sell signal to ring louder. The total inflow into stock funds globally last month surged to $102 billion, according to EPFR Global data.

The worst may be over for the S&P tracker, with bears easing back on hedging options. Contracts protecting against a 5 percent decline surged to their highest price ever relative to calls on Monday, according to three-month data compiled by Bloomberg. That position, known as skew, has since eased to less than a point above the five-year average.


There is also a stark chart shows the withdrawal before the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Beware my friend beware!

Good luck and may the force be with you

As for my strategy and recent videos I have posted on technical indicators, I am thinking of scrapping it to work on a new more efficient one for better tracking potential forex opportunities. Keeps your eyes peeled on this.

Thanks Bryan


Demo account video of killer algo forex trading


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How to read a research paper is critical



How to read a research paper is critical

This guys is pure awesome breaking down the simplicity of algos, machine learning, and the like. He is quite good but this particular video is a very important and critical skill to break your self out from the pack of wannabe ‘quant’ and newbies. if you are challenged in this skill, you will never be successful with n the quant space. I can tell you I am somewhat still challenged at it as well so don’t feel bad.

Quant fund investment and financial near 1 trillion under management

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Bitcoin price forecasting using Monte Carlo simulation with forex analysis

Bitcoin price forecasting using Monte Carlo simulation with forex analysis

Somebody did an analysis on forecasting the price of Bitcon. They use Monte Carlo simulations to accomplish but you should say see the results here.

As for me, I have pinpointed all the monster simulated forex trades over the last 2 months using my strategy deployed using Dukascopy JForex. I am hoping to analyze deeply what is causing the pricing patterns before these large profitable trades It seems this simple analysis does not need to be processed by some highly educated person, nor a high priced quant. It is simple programming logic that leads me to be believe using programming logs without the need of advanced math and machine learning techniques. Go figure huh?

Thanks Bryan

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Open source Android with NO Google tracking

Open source Android with NO Google tracking

I got this from someone today. I think it is important to realize these type of open source projects exist for mobile without the Google or other third party tracking. Cool Huh?

Just FYI

Do I have to worry about Google knowing my location if I use LineageOS without google play services? from LineageOS


Fun fact, using privacy guard on lineage I disabled all permissions for “google play services” and my phone drained the battery in about an hour. The app had hundreds of thousands of denied requests to use sensors and network.

This was thanks to Apple screwing around in their customer so I am looking for an forward looking alternative with third party tracking

New  XLQ for Bitcoin and Cyrptocurrency with Coinmarketcap access 

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More hardening configuration for extra security with FreeBSD 


Hardening configuration for extra security with FreeBSD

Thanks came in via Twitter so thanks to this person. This person highlights the default security holes that this BSD has. Maybe OpenBSD would be more appropriate since it was build with security in mind.

This lead to this comparison of OpenBSD being more secure from this 2014 URL

There is also HardenedBSD at

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Trading results with systematic process Meetup video playback

Trading results with systematic process Meetup video playback

Here is the decscription of this webinar which will improve your trading results immensely

Meetup Jan 15: Trading results with systematic process


Here are my notes:

I am willing to talk about the psyche of trading when human greed kicks in versus following computer code logic. This is a tough battle to overcome but I think this is an important discussion to understand the psyche of this.

After talking to dozen upon dozens of retail traders who do and rely on technical analysis and indicators have their heads literally poisoned with negative propaganda that negates their trading results. I have fallen for that in so many ways in the last few weeks. Let’s address that if you ever want to transform yourself into having an automated or algorithmic or systematic trading setup.

–→ Do you believe in this theory?

More traps are laid out one must overcome with this notion of over-engineering their strategies with all these complicated indicators hoping that the moon will provide 5 Elliot waves to give them mercy in lucrative riches. Or how about those Fibonacci retracement levels that for some reason never work out.

do you really beleve in Fib or 5 Elliots work like magic on these extact wave X number of patterns? Is the market not so random it is hard to confirm these theories ?

1, Minimize your indicators

2. keep it simple

3. program a way to watch your order log when you put on a positions (entry), analyze your the evolution or life cycle of the position. Looks for peaks and if you can, watch the peak profit level of the actual position. Your broker API may have a simple method like P&L in USD. If not, you percent of move since entry. Note that position will go negative due to spread but if you have positive momentum, it should break out

4. confirm your max and min for break out when shorting or longing

5. always cut your loss once your position goes against you e.g. direction/momentum may come back but cut at approx 10% – always to minimize loss !

6. watch as many assets your hardware → the more the higher the # of opportunity

5. watch at a lower time frame like 1 minute since there are more opportunity but know how to minimize false positives and fake noize (this is the problem)

6. you can allow the profit for monster profit, I have seen if you hold position for many hours 7 or 8+ you will find huge profit but don’t get greedy, your pogramming logic should allow this instead of hard stop loss

7. note that I have scrapped 3 versions and rewevamping for a 4th time to keep the code tight, expect to keep doing that as part of your strategy development


A CCOUPLE OF MONTHS IF Value of DELTA (safe zone) HIT CERTAIN VALUE e.g. iron condor
Think or Swim
stop loss at 2 SD

#1 goal in forex trading is not to lose money but profit is 2nd

Video courses on Interactive Brokers and Dukascopy forex automated trading

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Questions and answers new to forex trading

Questions and answer for jan 8

Please note that my time is highly limited. I am definitely scaling back on this Q&A as  I can only respond to people behind my paywall.

Queries from various sources with references below:

Hi Bryan Would you talk a little about automated arbitrage trading? What tools eg Dokascopy can setup rules for triangular arbitrage? And what if any tools exist for crypto currency arbitrage? Also, related to arbitrage, can you talk a bit about the mechanics of inter-exchange arbitrage trades? Do these tools move money between accounts to trade on different exchanges? Or are you limited to the trading pairs offered by a single broker? Thanks in advance!

I am hitting a “reservation for  python” link..

 Oh no, there are other links to.

Happy new year! I just RSVP’d for tomorrow’s meetup. Just to let you know I went over the JForex tutorials from DukasCopy, and also couple of your Intro from the playlist, as well the manual. We can probably chat tomorrow more in person but here is my feedback:

All these tutorials delve straight into the technical part of the platform without a proper Intro or overview. I am not able to see the flow or get the full picture from start to end.

Like do I need to decide on a currency pair first before connecting with JForex or would the strategy I build will determine the best currency pair to select?

I am new to Forex trading and have been going through other Intro tutorials on youtube. Right now I don’t know how to start or know which strategy to use or build. All these tutorials seem to assume that users are knowledgeable in Forex trading, is that right?

 I wouldn’t mind buying your Visual JForex tutorials if it helps newbies like me totally new to  Forex trading and strategies. Or do you recommend any other Forex tutorials I should go through before using DukasCopy?


Complete newb to terminal – can you provide clearer instructions for installing? When I paste; git clone git:// into a new Terminal window it says “requires the command line developer tools”. Do I need to install something else before installing Gekko? I already installed nodejs as directed on the github page———–

Well the big difference between ccxt and the others is tha ccxt is not a bot by itself. And also Blackbird is a special bot for doing arbitrage on different markets (that’s why it does not support so many exchanges). But I agree in how great ccxt is.



IB is a great exchange. Their API is pretty straight forward. I was
thinking about FX and crypto. FX has small % changes that are highly
leveraged, which means more randomness and less profit, with the potential
for devastating losses. Crypto is a bullish sector where you could have
literally bought anything and made triple digit returns in the last 6
months. And with no leverage, so losses are restricted to each trade and
at worst you might have a 66% loss of one trade, but the upside is a
multiple of the loss potential in most cases. This skews the probability
distribution in a way that makes profit less risky. You can ask your quant
PhD about that, but pretty sure that is the case. I feel like my trades
have room to fly, and less likely to crash and take out my account along
with them. Leveraged trades drag down your account if they go south. My
trades are all 1:1 so they don’t affect my account outside of the trade
itself, and is very unlikely to go to 0. The gains can be 100% in a day,
which would be similar to a 100:1 leverage in FX, but without the downside
of losing more than the trade if it goes against you. And again, worst
case would be 50 or 60% loss maybe of just that one trade amount. Of
course you can adjust to your risk appetite. Just sayin, buddy, this is a
hot sector. For now. I am sure the US Gov deep state and banksters will
find a way to rob the people eventually.

Bryan Downing

Bryan Downing

4 days ago

that is correct about ccxd not being a bot but is a framework


Is this S & P Trading futures or Day Trading/Swing Trading? Like to be
part of it?




Minimize loss with linear regression for algo forex trading

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