Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Wants to Give Away Secrets

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

Ray Dalio Wants to Give Away Bridgewater Secrets

Is he ready to give it all away? It seems there will be nothing unique as thousands will clone his secretive success.

Check out this article here 

TONITE: Option Trading for Extreme SPX Volatility Environments Meetup

This Monday Sep 18 at 7PM EDT 

Presenter is Sholom Benzev

Option Trading for Extreme SPX Volatility Environments

1) Long Term VIX and SPX Behavior.

2) Why a High Volatility Environment could be coming soon.

2) Low Volatility Option Trading Strategy with SPX Spreads.

3) High Volatility Option Trading Strategy with VIX Puts.

4) When not to trade Options / When alternatives (Long Stock/Long XIV) make sense.

5) 2016 P&L Results and Equity Curve.

6) What you need to know to succeed in Extreme Volatility Option Trading.

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