Is Python smart to use with Interactive Brokers API

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)

Is Python smart to use with Interactive Brokers API


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Overview Python Infrastructure Building Blocks

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Dialogue below from a Youtube video:

Hey Bryan – Very interested in your course, but just want to make sure that it’s going to get me where I need to be, as I’ve run into quite a bit of trouble with compatibility (looks like Windows is the preferred OS of choice for algo trading) – I’m interested in setting up a trading environment given the following:

– Working with latest version of Mac OS – I suppose I could set up a windows virtual box if need be, but would prefer not to, as I’m afraid it may yield performance issues – not sure though, just my assumption
– I have experience programming in java/python – as per your observations, it seems like python may be the best choice, as it seems more concise
– The strategy I want to implement is technical/market flow oriented, and simply intended to eliminate entry/exit disciplinary issues while trading. It will need data points like opening print, market cap, time elapsed, current share price, etc. pretty straightforward in that regard

I was originally looking into using the TWS python IbPy api, which looked like a fairly easy way to do this, but the following comment on Sentdex’s intro video scared me a bit:

“As a Python developer IbPy looked nice, however, after spending sometime I decided not to use it. The reasons are 1) it doesn’t seem to be maintained. Not catching up with the latest java client. 2) it’s too low level that you have to keep track of async requests and responses, protocol level events and state. Because of this IbPy tutorials that I know never take off from the basic usage. 3) actually Java client offers high level API com.ib.contracts and com.ib.controller packages. It’s much easier to implement the application level event handlers. IbPy offers the com.ib.client only. 4) I don’t know the quality of the java-to-python translator, especially thread safety. No unit test. Not confident to use with real money 5) If Python is must probably I’d try Jython and the javaclient jar. I’m writing my code in Scala with the jar.”

Any guidance vastly appreciated.


Python runs on any platform like Mac OS, windows, Linux. I am also learning Dukascopy with jforex as well which runs on May major platform like macOS windows and Linux. Let me know if you got other questions


Thanks for getting back. I suppose my overarching question is whether or not TWS IBPy will suffice for what I’m trying to do given my OS/the type of strategy I’m trying to implement. If so, it seemed like your course would be a great resource to serve as a guideline, but I would hate to run into issues regarding data retrieval and execution while using real money – the comment that I referenced above from the sentdex video highlights my fear here.
 if you are worried about this, it has been recommended to go with a more rigid language like java or c++. Ib has python API support but there seems
Lots of bugs still.
It could take years to to work out

Also this course is to give a high level overview of python components needed for Aldo trading system.u can alway pipe orders into redis message queue into a java app to be pushed into tws. This is why I have my advanced IB course. Do realize that the python is now half price off




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