Dear John: why are you wasting your time on such meaningless websites like this?

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Dear John: why are you wasting your time on such meaningless websites like this?

This was started by this posting:


Dear John

I consider you are a ‘kid with a keyboard’ who needs to hide under mommy’s skirt for anonymous reasons. Is it your job you worry about because of such a bad reputation? Let’s get to the meat of your concerns:

(I have taken out all your moronic insults about other people other than me so just attack me, others have nothing to do with this! BTW you seem to know a lot)

LOL Bryan, the fact that you are bashing actual institutionally oriented brokers like RJO and LCG, while promoting retail shit like IB instantly makes you a laughing stock to anyone actually in the business and familiar with these organizations. And SaxoBank is just another retail broker like IB, it offers a wide range of products similar to IB, and there are negative reviews for IB too. …. By the way, your precious IB is a market maker, RJO and LCG are not.


–> What does broker choice have to do with all this? Any true HFT shop knows who to go with so do we. It ain’t any of these horrid little brokers you mention. You seem to support crooks which makes me wonder about if you are maybe into something like pedophilia for all we know.

Even Newedge has NFA arbitration claims against it, IB is not simply in the same league. IB, which is a market maker, has its business based on risk management and hedging their market making operations (TH) with retail order flow, that’s why risk controls for IB are more stringent than industry standards even. IB is absolutely not in anyone designed for HFT, even they admit that, IB’s infrastructure is not designed for that at all.


–> Please tell me something we don’t know

But despite all of this, let’s get back to the real reason why you use IB, you’re an extremely lazy guy who sees that documentation for the IB API is everywhere, which shouldn’t mean anything, because in the institutional space, practically no one of any major size uses it, in fact, often lesser advertised APIs for direct connectivity to the exchange (fix, etc.) or some other much higher-performance than retail API is used. And you’re too lazy to configure a simple fix connector, while RJO and lmax actually provide DIRECT connectivity to the exchange using fix, and thus allow for HFT for anyone interested in actually carrying out HFT, IB absolutely doesn’t. Give it up bryan, modifying APIs is a given for anyone in the business interested in maximum flexibility, either that is used or a high-priced aggregation service (which generally cost much more than you could ever afford).


–> Again, please explain why I would want to recreate the wheel here. APIs were created for a reason you know. I personally have more third party options to make it a waste to even work with an API. We only use IB for now for demo purposes for execution. We have more simulators and exchanges APIs than you know but you have already proven you don’t know how to read or research further into back stories

But then, this goes back to my point, if you’re too lazy to actually develop a decent system (not your gimmick system which isn’t compatible with fix and just piggyback’s on IB, actually it’s an insult to call it a system, you’re using IB’s systems, you’re just using an API for it),


–> And your point is??  What little you know.

then just do it all in matlab. Trust me, if you’re too lazy to configure an api or fix, then the latency of matlab is as far as you’d make it with regards to HFT anyway, matlab, in any case, can precisely handle IB’s latency (Which isn’t that good, as mentioned before), for what it’s worth. Or could it be perhaps that you’re just making excuses at this point to weasel your way out of actually developing anything and are just a marketing guy who re-posts web links?


–> Funny talk again. Have you been drinking? Did AA kick you out again.

Second comment:

Too much attacking on other people here but:

 ‘MR. I’m doing HFT through IB’s VERY slow API, LOL’.

Funny times. My recommendation “JOHN” , get your facts straight before blasting. Geez, the technologies you speak of are way off.  You only look like kid with a keyboard. If you really got balls, maybe we should do a LIVE webinar but no mommy (aka your employer) won’t allow that. Or better, let us know your true identity to see if your credentials are really worthy about posting about.

Also, you seem to really care about what I post. If you didn’t, none of this would have mattered thus why waste your time in typing up such diatribe. This posting is only geared towards you ‘JOHN’. You seem to be pretty psychotic.

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