Current update with Matlab 2013a connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Oracle MYSQL and Postgres

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2013)

Current update with Matlab 2013a connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Oracle MYSQL and Postgres

T his is still a pure hell to accomplish. WIth Matlab 2011, I was only able to connect to MYSQL. I was hoping the integration of SQL Server with Matlab 2013a would be easier but nope Postgres is a mess for WIndows with their ODBC not connecting with Matlab. I may resort back to MYSQL but I got some beefs with Oracle.

Just FYI

Oracle decided only to provide a free 32 bit version with no 64 bit version. Bad decision on the part of Oracle but what can we do. I stand corrected as this does exist!

As for the NOSQL options like MongoDB, no thanks as the Postgres proves to be useless. I like it easy but will give it MYSQL is quite easy. Also, I am not too worried about speed as this Matlab/MYSQL integration is only being used for research and testing. Not  production and trading.

UPDATE: I think Oracle is making it a nightmare to use MYSQL today. The Workbench is kind of useless. It is nowhere as easy to work with separate databases versus the current version. I am dropping this MYSQL


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