How Matlab Simulink and Stateflow allow you to build trading models rapidly!

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I just posted these topics EXCLUSIVELY with PRIVATE videos for my Premium Members:

1. Video understanding connection from Matlab Simulink In flow data with Bus data type to your Stateflow chart

2. Understanding conection from Matlab Simulink In flow data with Bus data type to your Stateflow chart

3. How to create visually an algorithm to a custom M function through …

This last one is very powerful where it will save so much time where it will create your potentially complex algo for your Stateflow charts or Simulink models. Once again, this reduces any programming need immensely.


It does not stop there, I also posted some other important topics on:

a) Youtube video demo of a VERY Cool FREE technical analysis tool in Matlab demo with live Yahoo Finance stock data import

b) Youtube video showing how to quickly check to see if your Matlab M function can be code generated to C or C++ with Matlab Coder

c) Youtube video on demo walkthrough of Matlab debugging RSI function for technical analysis

As you can tell, I am finding quick ways to build custom trading models and strategies visually thanks to Simulink and Stateflow which are part of Matlab. Pretty cool I think. Once a basic model is built, I will not only provide videos and sample files for my Premium Members, I will also provide a number of live webinars to help assist them accomplish the same goals.

So you see the power of the latest updates within Matlab? Not only that, you can see pretty amazing example of a FREE but basic stock market charting system. Cool.

In coming weeks, I will be using the Deltix trading platform to help connect those Simulink trading models through a code generation process to C or C++. I am finding new ways to visually build these models and potentially complex algorithms with with little programming. They can also be built rapidly with very easy maintenance process for any adjustments you want to make. Again, this will be part of the future of this Premium Membersship:


Got questions? Let me know.

Thanks for reading


P.S. Here a complete list of benefits in using Matlab with this Membership.

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