We are evaluating the possibility of using Deltix. Did anyone implement any systematic strategy with it?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2012)

We are evaluating the possibility of using Deltix. Did anyone implement any systematic strategy with it? How long did it take? On which asset classes? Any important issues to report?



Deltix? Expensive I guess, although it should work well for you if you are ready to pay such monthly bills. We have not used it ourselves but we’ve heard positive commenst about their technology. If you are interested in a cheaper alternative, you are welcome to take a look at our end-to-end algo trading infrastructure http://www.smartquant.com/products.php



do you have an compression between your software and deltix’s about speed of loading tick data and b.t. it?



We built a few strategies on Deltix for a prop desk client here. Their documentation is rich, the platform helps raise productivity and rolling out strategies becomes very fast once you build the first couple of strategies. The team @ Deltix is committed to help you succeed in your implementation and have a structured training program. We think it’s a great tool and worth the eventual price you pay for it- if you have clearly charted course for what you want to do


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