What’s better than Matlab … and free?

Subject: What’s better than Matlab … and free?

Hi there,

Did you know there are some great R packages (same as Matlab toolboxes) for model, algo, and strategy development?

Right now I’m revealing R source code samples that mimic my Algo Course metrics and models. Consider this Phase 2 of the course. And Phase 2 is even better than Phase 1:

* R is open source — it’s a zero dollar investment for you as opposed to thousand$ with Matlab

* My R development and tools appear to be working even better than inside the Matlab environment. I can even develop remotely on my iPad!

So what happens now? I’m building a new quant infrastructure which will populate a large Redis (NOSQL database) cluster for further market data analysis. More details on my Youtube channel here:


Update: As I work on my models, it appears I’ll be implementing a paper trading mode phase very shortly. I’m already hooked up with my favorite LMAX and IQFeed for data.

See where it all goes as a Premium Member:

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And view all Membership benefits here:

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P.S. Check out my new R blog at quantlabs.net/r-blog for more of my progress in R.

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