Selling signals in quant development or trading strategies

Selling signals in quant development or trading strategies
I am assuming that in this group are a lot of people that have a winning mechanical trading system.

What do you think about selling your signals to companies like or Are such companies reliable? Has anybody experience with selling his signals?
Collective2, etc. MyFxbook. etc.. sites are valid. By themselves.
The quality of what is provided depends, of course, by those that send signals.
For a time I used these sites for my signals, but I had big problems with the link road that connected them to my platform.
Especially with C2.
This is certainly not the case with those who make few trades per day. Or if you open and close operations after a long time.
Sure there is (or was) a lot of feeling in a quick operation.
A lot of my signals were lost. Others were shifted in time.
I have not had much cooperation from C2.
Perhaps because they have too many clients LOL
So I stopped.
I do not know if you have recently resolved bugs quet
Myfxbook seems most appropriate and best connection systems
I have little experience with and
I did not know about Collective2, MyFxbook, and rentasignal. I’m looking forward to learning more in this group.

I have been providing a service to a few friends (about 100) for about 3 years. I send signals based on my rule-based strategy. It’s very simple – buy, sell, short, cover, hold, I put the signals in a spreadsheet and email it to everyone whenever necessary, which is usually about once a day. We have been making about 30-40% annual ROI. It’s not a fantastic return, but I feel it’s respectable.
Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like it is generally not a bad idea to work with such companies.

My signals are generated on average every two days. Hope that this will not be too much stress for the servers ;-)

Is anyone currently successful connected with such a platform and is paid regularly?

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