Ultimate Matlab Quant development platform with toolboxes including Derivatives, Fixed income, Datafeed, Financial

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2010)

Ultimate Matlab Quant development platform with toolboxes including Derivatives, Fixed income, Datafeed, Financial
You should see all the goodies I got with my latest Matlab 2010 A release. It has some great content and toolkits including what are listed below. I am especially excited about the Derivatives, Fixed income, Datafeed, Financial, and other related tool boxes. I will report once I start digging. You can see how Matlab could be your one stop shop for all quant related content instead of relying on some open source project you may struggle with just to set up!!
MATLAB 7.10 – all platforms
Simulink 7.5 – all platforms
Aerospace Blockset 3.5 – all platforms
Aerospace Toolbox 2.5 – all platforms
Bioinformatics Toolbox 3.5 – all platforms
Communications Blockset 4.4 – all platforms
Communications Toolbox 4.5 – all platforms
Control System Toolbox 8.5 – all platforms
Curve Fitting Toolbox 2.2 – all platforms
DO Qualification Kit 1.2 – glnx86 glnxa64 win32 win64
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.16 – win32
Database Toolbox 3.7 – all platforms
Datafeed Toolbox 3.5 – all platforms
EDA Simulator Link 3.1 – glnx86 glnxa64 win32
Econometrics Toolbox 1.3 – all platforms
Embedded IDE Link 4.1 – win32 glnx86
Filter Design HDL Coder 2.6 – all platforms
Filter Design Toolbox 4.7 – all platforms
Financial Derivatives Toolbox 5.5.1 – all platforms
Financial Toolbox 3.7.1 – all platforms
Fixed-Income Toolbox 1.9 – all platforms
Fixed-Point Toolbox 3.1 – all platforms
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2.11 – all platforms
Gauges Blockset 2.0.5 – win32
Global Optimization Toolbox 3.0 – all platforms
IEC Certification Kit 1.2 – all platforms
Image Acquisition Toolbox 3.5 – win32 win64
Image Processing Toolbox 7.0 – all platforms
Instrument Control Toolbox 2.10 – all platforms
MATLAB Builder EX 1.2.15 – win32
MATLAB Builder JA 2.1 – all platforms
MATLAB Builder NE 3.1 – win32 win64
MATLAB Compiler 4.13 – all platforms
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server 4.3 – all platforms
MATLAB Report Generator 3.8 – all platforms
Mapping Toolbox 3.1 – all platforms
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 3.2 – all platforms
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 4.0 – win32
Neural Network Toolbox 6.0.4 – all platforms
OPC Toolbox 2.1.5 – win32
Optimization Toolbox 5.0 – all platforms
Parallel Computing Toolbox 4.3 – all platforms
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.0.16 – all platforms
RF Blockset 2.5.1 – all platforms
RF Toolbox 2.7 – all platforms
Real-Time Windows Target 3.5 – win32
Real-Time Workshop 7.5 – all platforms
Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder 5.5 – all platforms
Robust Control Toolbox 3.4.1 – all platforms
Signal Processing Blockset 7.0 – all platforms
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.13 – all platforms
SimBiology 3.2 – all platforms
SimDriveline 1.5.4 – all platforms
SimElectronics 1.4 – all platforms
SimEvents 3.1 – all platforms
SimHydraulics 1.7 – all platforms
SimMechanics 3.2 – all platforms
SimPowerSystems 5.2.1 – all platforms
Simscape 3.3 – all platforms
Simulink 3D Animation 5.1.1 – all platforms
Simulink Control Design 3.1 – all platforms
Simulink Design Optimization 1.1.1 – all platforms
Simulink Design Verifier 1.6 – glnx86 glnxa64 maci win32
Simulink Fixed Point 6.3 – all platforms
Simulink HDL Coder 1.7 – glnx86 glnxa64 win32
Simulink PLC Coder 1.0 – win32
Simulink Report Generator 3.8 – all platforms
Simulink Verification and Validation 2.7 – all platforms
Spline Toolbox 3.3.8 – all platforms
Spreadsheet Link EX 3.1.1 – win32 win64
Stateflow 7.5 – all platforms
Stateflow Coder 7.5 – all platforms
Statistics Toolbox 7.3 – all platforms
Symbolic Math Toolbox 5.4 – all platforms
System Identification Toolbox 7.4 – all platforms
SystemTest 2.5 – all platforms
Target Support Package 4.1 – win32 glnx86
Vehicle Network Toolbox 1.2 – win32
Video and Image Processing Blockset 3.0 – all platforms
Wavelet Toolbox 4.5 – all platforms
xPC Target 4.3 – win32
xPC Target Embedded Option 4.3 – win32

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