Now where do I pick up the advanced topics of Matlab after reading this ok Matlab Demystified book?

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2010)

Now where do I pick up the advanced topics of Matlab after reading this ok Matlab Demystified book?

So I have finished this book on learning about Matlab. Matlab Demystified takes a lot of assumptions you know about the entire math described in the book. Ensure you know that. Also, the book feels rushed in the more advances topics as very little is explained in detail. It is clearly written for students who are currently taking Matlab for some school project or course. If you are a working professional, I probably would not recommend this book as it does not clearly go into how Matlab toolkits work. I am one of those so I now have to research further about that.
As I installed my version Matlab 2010 a, I notices some many juicy quant based toolkits that I wanted to quickly learn about what they do. This book of Matlab Demystified teaches you the importance of the command line and how the functions work to manipulate vectors / matrixes, plots, and some advanced algorithms. It is an ok book to introduce you to these concepts. As I have said, there are many important steps missing so do not think this is a complete end to end book on learning Matlab entirely.
Matlab Demystified does a pretty decent job in the earlier chapters to introduce you to the important arrays, vectors, matrixes and other basics. You will need to find more advanced books to introduce you to the paths you want to learn within Matlab. Do not expect this book to be your entire answer to everything on Matlab.
I have also read this book forgets to mention that there are some important toolkits required to accomplish some of the functions introduced. How is that possible? I still don’t even know how to install one of these Matlab toolkits. You get the idea of what is missing right?

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