Is Marketcetera the best high performance trading platform? Java and C++ open source baby

Is Marketcetera the best high performance trading platform? Java and C++ open source baby

I have not talked about Marketcetera lately. I had nice chat from someone at their company. I do believe this could be the best tool or platform out there if you ever decide to choose a high performance trading system. For one, it is open source where you can download the entire code base. Version 1.5 is available where you will find it in written in Java, Ruby On Rails, and C++ (for Quick FIX protocol calls). I was told that a new update commercial version 2.1 is available.
Marketcetera 2.1 does include futures functionality and expanded adapters for commercial brokers. The open sourced version 1.5 only allows you connect to Marketcetera’s trading simulator or bogus feed. If you want access to their commercial adapters which includes Interactive Brokers, and Merrill Lynch. They got to make money so they make these adapters only available in the commercial version of Marketcetera.
The commercial version of Marketcetera is based on a monthly subscription on an annual basis. Do understand this will include a fully Quality Assured product, latest versions, and high level SLA support any production environment.
As for future versions, Marketcetera appears to want to really improve the offerings of adapters and connector. It also appears that they have a long list of updates and improves. One question I posed was if they would expand their language of choice for strategies. As they currently offer Java and a scripting language of Ruby, I wondered if they would include Python. Unfortunately, this is not on top of their list.
As some may know, Marketcetera offers an amazing amount of customization. Remember that their source code is available. This allows an amazing amount of flexibility for customization. As a company, Marketcetera also seems to make a large part of their revenue from customization as opposed to implementations. Interesting. I will start promoting this product too.

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